• Following the five year old leader
    Following the five year old leader
    I was inspired by a precocious five-year-old girl. I have been grateful to be lead and mentored b...
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  • Never stop
    Never stop
    Julia Benfer
    I had my last piano lesson with Julia Benfer about two weeks before she passed away at the age of 99...
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  • Glasses for Your Ears
    Glasses for Your Ears
    Logan Siebert
    We've nicknamed him Rainman. Logan is intelligent, kind, and strong with a heart of gold and a...
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  • French Fries for LaurenĀ®
    French Fries for LaurenĀ®
    Lauren Heller
    If you had to describe the best kind of friend you could have, what would come to mind? Someone who...
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  • Faith like a magnet
    Faith like a magnet
    Sonny Randall
    I am going to tell you about Sonny Randall because I believe he has an uncanny ability to keep peopl...
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  • From seedlings to Northwest forest
    From seedlings to Northwest forest
    Dr Marcia Durfee
    I recently lost my oldest friend and cherished colleague. This is the remembrance I gave at her memo...
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  • Put Training Into Action
    Put Training Into Action
    Alison Ruebusch
    Alison is a young up and comer at my company. She runs an operation where she has to manage men twi...
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  • Yeah Yeah
    Yeah Yeah
    Mark Turkelson
    Rob Oller of the The Columbus Dispatch shares the story of Mark Turkelson, a teenager with autism who...
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  • Cheering On Others
    Cheering On Others
    Emma Dickman
    10TV in Columbus, OH shared the story of Emma Dickman, an 8-yr-old working to overcome cerebral pals...
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  • She had a reason
    She had a reason
    My sister, , was 34 when she was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer. It was a very scary time with l...
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