Corporate Storytelling in Business – Harness the Power of Story to Inspire, Engage, Influence and Sell

  • Stop giving boring presentations that don’t connect
  • Discover why data dumps don’t work
  • Turn a sloppy story into a story that drives change and gets results
  • Discover why content without context doesn’t work
  • Learn how to “hide the pill in the peanut butter”

Don’t just tell a story. Tell the right story that makes the right point at the right time.

  • Is your team in need of a solid dose of inspiration?
  • Are your leaders living up to their potential to engage and inspire?
  • Imagine what it would be like to hold an audience in the palm of your hand.

Storytelling is your key to effective engagement.

Storytelling is a strategic communication tool that all leaders, managers and salespeople need to master in order to become more successful. Doug Stevenson is a master storytelling teacher and coach who, through his keynotes and training programs, guides business professionals to the next level of leadership and sales excellence.

“We brought Doug Stevenson in to teach his Story Theater Method to both our senior trainers and our senior management here at Oracle University. He was a huge success. Since that time, I've personally used what I learned from Doug and have found it to be practical, valuable and fun. I've also hired him two more times to work with other groups. His workshop is both inspirational and very practical, with easy-to-use tools and techniques. I highly recommend Doug Stevenson because he delivers!”
Elizabeth Wiseman, VP, Oracle University

Doug is the president of Story Theater International, a speaking, training and consulting company dedicated to teaching people how to engage, influence, and motivate through more compelling speeches and presentations. He is an expert at teaching people how to use stories to teach a lesson, make a point, or sell a product or service.

What makes Doug unique is his ability to translate the power of corporate storytelling into practical business applications. Having experienced Doug, you will have a new appreciation for the power of stories as a strategic communication tool.

Some notable clients include, Aetna, Amgen Biotech, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Caterpillar, Coca Cola, Cisco Systems, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard, John Deere, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Oracle, US Bank, The Internal Revenue Service, The FDA, The Department of Defense, The National Association of Realtors, The American Medical Association, UPS, and hundreds more.

Contact Doug Stevenson at 719-573-6195 or visit him online @