Have you ever been inspired... 

... by another person?

... by someone to whom you are now and will always be grateful?
Then share your story!

Your story begins by answering the question: Who inspired you?

The remainder of the story comes from the heart.

Your story is important!

We welcome stories about anyone …

  • of any age,
  • of any background,
  • of any place in the world.

It is simple to do!
Click on The Leaderality Story Basics for some easy to follow best practices, or, if you already know what you want to say, just go ahead and enter your story.
When you submit your story, it will instantly appear on our website as an icon of your gratefulness for that one person ... who inspired you!

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  • Attends to tasks first
  • Makes cautious, logical decisions
  • Provides well-thought-out opinions based on facts
  • Attends to results first
  • Makes quick, bold decisions
  • States strong opinions that include expectations
  • Attends to people first
  • Makes instinctive decisions
  • States opinions based on emotions
  • Attends to relationships first
  • Involves others in making decisions
  • Provides moderate opinions that encourage harmony
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