What is our Mission?
We believe that inspiring leaders don't create more followers, they create more leaders. So our mission is to ask the question "Who inspired you? to help people recognize the qualities of those who inspire, transform, and motivate us.

What do we mean by "inspire"?
Inspire (verb): To motivate to action.

What is our Vision?
We believe the story of one of us is the story of us all. So our vision is to use storytelling to identify and develop inspiring leaders who shape and embrace positive culture.

We then share the stories of the most inspiring leaders with the world.

What are the stories about?
The stories are about anyone (any age, any background, any place in the world) who inspired another person. Stories are shared by people, like you, who are compelled to share their stories of people worth following.

A story can be many things, but extraordinary stories have the following three characteristics in common:

  • They are True
  • They are Engaging
  • They are Impactful

How is the website structured?
The site is divided into two main areas

  1. Just Inspired Stories and
  2. Top 10 Stories
  • The "Top 10 Stories" are the ten most liked stories from the "Just Inspired Stories" section featured at the top of our site. They are updated each day and available for you to Share, Favorite, and Further.
  • "Just Inspired Stories" are the most recent stories of inspiring leaders submitted by users of WhoInspiredYou.com. Once a story is submitted, it instantly appears in the "Just Inspired" section of our site and is available for you to read, Share, Favorite, and Further.

What if the story or picture is offensive to me?
All stories include a “report it” option in the event that you believe the story is controversial or includes inappropriate content. We reserve the right to keep or remove any story from our site.

How can I search for stories or subjects relevant to me?
You can enter a keyword in the search box at the top of the page. All Stories that match the search criteria will appear for you to read.

How do I share a story?
It's easy to do and it's FREE! Simply click on the "Share A Story” button at the top of the web site. When you submit a story, you become a member of our community, known as the "Grateful Led." When you share your story with others, you create the opportunity for your story to be “Favorited” by others. Being grateful has its advantages … you will have unlimited access to our stories, and your story may be chosen to appear in our book!

Do I have to be a member to share a story?
Yes. Membership is free and only requires your e-mail address. We encourage all members to create a user name that is different from their e-mail address. User names will appear as the “author” of the story on the site. Leaderality does not share our users' email addresses or any other user information.

Who created this site?
The site is created and maintained by Leaderality, LLC. Leaderality LLC is a group of friends who have a disdain for the status quo, deep gratitude for others, and passion for lifelong learning. Click on the link “About Us” to find out about each member of the team.

How can I contact someone who wrote a story?
Send an e-mail to admin@whoinspiredyou.com with the title of the story and the user name of the author. We will contact the author of the story on your behalf to make the connection.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?
We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please e-mail us at info@whoinspiredyou.com or call us at 614-440-8917 with any ideas you have to improve our website.